Harbour Salmon Co. Smoked Salmon Cocktail Canapes

These days discerning guests expect a bit more than a bowl of peanuts or a chunk of cheddar and a pickled onion on a cocktail stick, nowadays it's all about canapés (dahling!). The good news is that with the right ingredients and a teeny bit of know-how, it's easy to create impressive hors d'oeuvres (oh yes, we can talk the talk!). All you need to amaze and inspire your guests is our foolproof recipe and, of course, the right ingredients. Drum roll please for our celebrity chef inspired, foolproof recipe for:

Harbour Salmon Co. Smoked Salmon Cocktail Canapés

= = Blini. Dollop of creme fraiche. Smoked Salmon Cocktail Slice. Chives. Done! = =  


To posh up your nosh a bit further (but with similar minimal effort), try this twist on the cocktail canapé recipe above, suggested by one our customers, Marek. A (thanks Marek, this sounds divine!):

= = Blini. Dollop of creme fraiche. Smoked Salmon Cocktail Slice. (So far so familiar) Sprinkling of caviar. Serve with lemon wedge. Mighty impressive! = =

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