Harbour Salmon Co. Infusions

Our award winning Ginger, Chilli & Lime Salmon Infusions

Our fresh salmon fillets are pretty darn tasty in their pure and natural form, but if you fancy spicing things up a bit why not try our Salmon Infusions? We take the finest quality salmon and marinate it in a delicious blend of herbs, spices and flavours. We're not talking a quick dunk here - we wait until the flavour is fully infused, ensuring that the cooked fillet is delicious and moist from the first to the last bite.

They are super quick and super easy to cook too. Just pop the sealed pack in the microwave for a few minutes (full instructions are printed on the packaging) then watch in wonder as it puffs up and transforms into a mini steam cooker. And it's not just the tray that's magic - the salmon tastes magic too! No mess. No stress. Just delicious, juicy salmon.


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