Harbour Salmon Co. Cocktail Slices

Cocktail Slices - delicious petals of cold smoked salmon

If you haven't tried our smoked salmon before, you're in for a real treat. These 70g packs of Smoked Salmon Cocktail Slices are the perfect introduction to Harbour Salmon Co.

Each slice is painstakingly trimmed, making sure that any brown meat is removed, to create perfectly formed petals of delicately flavoured smoked salmon. You might think "petals" a strange way to describe slices of smoked salmon, but wait until you see them, then you'll understand. They really are beautiful. And in more ways than one.

So, next time you're entertaining the troops, why not rustle up some Cocktail Canapés? And no, we're not talking chunks of cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks!

Your Feedback

Some of you have already emailed us with your feedback about Harbour Smokehouse Cocktail Slices. Thank you! Comments like these make our day (and sometimes even our week!). Here's what some of our very happy customers had to say:

"Your salmon cocktail slices are out of this world. What a lovely flavour, texture and quality it is - you feel all the goodness when you eat it - just devine." Jo.B

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