Harbour Salmon Co. Posh Cuts

Posh Cuts - Ideal for snacking, on baked potatoes or in salads

Some people call their smoked salmon off-cuts "trimmings". We don't. Even the bits we trim off when we're crafting our beautifully shaped Smoked Salmon Cocktail Slices are gorgeous - that's why we call them "Posh Cuts". 

These little slivers and medallions of smoked salmon are the perfect ingredient to posh up your pasta or pep up your scrambled eggs. For some culinary inspiration, check out our smoked salmon recipes.

Oh, and don't let the irregular sizing and shape of our Posh Cuts put you off. Just think of it like selecting the tastiest potatoes or the sweetest, most crunchy red peppers...sometimes the misshapen subjects turn out to be the tastiest!

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