Wild Sockeye Salmon From Harbour Salmon Co.

Harbour Salmon Co Wild Sockeye

From the wilds of Alaska, Sockeye are about as wild and pure as salmon come. The leanest and most streamlined of all the Alaskan salmon species, there's no messing with these big boys. 

Sockeye are pretty discerning diners too, feasting almost exclusively on krill (that's tiny shrimp like creatures, to you and me). The result of this auspicious diet is a deep red, firm textured and full flavoured salmon, just as nature intended.

Sockeye Salmon Fillets can be cooked in exactly the same way as Harbour Salmon Co. Altantic Salmon Fillets, but if you fancy it, the full flavour and deep red colour of Sockeye make for pretty tasty Tandoori Salmon Kebabs.

Please note that Sockeye Salmon is not always available due to seasonality.

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