Top Tips For Cooking Harbour Salmon Co. Atlantic Salmon Fillets

Harbour Smokehouse Cocktail Slice

It's not exactly rocket science (in fact, it's barely even domestic science!) but nevertheless these are our top tips for cooking Harbour Salmon Co Atlantic Salmon Fillets. First choose your preferred appliance:

To GRILL the fillets...brush with a little oil and then grill at a moderate heat for about 18 minutes.

Or, perhaps you prefer just to let the oven do its stuff...

Preheat the OVEN to 180 degrees, season the fillets with a little salt & pepper, wrap them in foil and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

Or maybe the sizzle of the frying pan is music to your ears...

Fire up the HOB and pop the portions in an oiled frying pan and cook over a moderate heat for about 12 minutes.

Finally, the bit you've been waiting for...the top tip! If you put a lid on the pan it will save you having to turn the fillets halfway through and, even better, it will protect your hob from any lively, spitting oil. Now that's our kind of corner-cutting cooking!

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