Harbour Salmon Co. Salmon & Sauce

Chilli, Lime & Ginger Salmon & Sauce

We know you have been impressed with the quality of our fresh salmon fillets and our Infusions have really wowed you with their tasty flavours and super convenient microwave in pack cooking method. We would now like to introduce our NEW Salmon & Sauce; two succulent salmon fillets that come with a scrummy Chilli, Lime & Ginger sauce to add an extra little flavour punch.

Just like our Infusions, Salmon & Sauce provides a super quick and super easy lunch or dinner (you can even have them for breakfast if that's your style, we salmon lovers won't judge!). Just pop the sealed pack in the microwave for a few minutes (full instructions are printed on the packaging) then watch in wonder as it puffs up and transforms into a mini steam cooker. While the salmon is cooking in the microwave, you can heat up the sauce (if you fancy, it's just as tasty cold), then simply drizzle it over the salmon to serve. No mess. No stress. Just delicious, flavoursome salmon.

We're currently working on some new Salmon & Sauce recipes so watch this space for updates. Oh and if you have any suggested flavours you'd like us to try, please drop us a line and let us know - we're always keen to try out new flavour combinations!

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