Posh Cuts to Beat Budget Austerity (Mar 2013)

Smoked salmon Posh Cuts - perfect to posh up your pasta, baked potato or scrambled eggs

As Brits prepare for another year of austerity following George Osborne's fourth budget delivery, Harbour Salmon Co. states that cost-conscious shoppers "don't have to be posh to indulge in life's little luxuries".

As many as one third of UK shoppers (Cameron Research, 2011) regard salmon as a "special occasion" indulgence, but thanks to the canny chaps at Harbour Salmon Co. smoked salmon can now be enjoyed as an everyday treat.

New from Harbour Salmon Co., Posh Cuts are a cut above value own label smoked salmon trimmings but are priced comparatively. What's more, Posh Cuts are presented in clear packaging, so you can see exactly what you are buying - a factor that is now more important to consumers than ever.

Did you know? Some smoked salmon producers call their off-cuts trimmings. We don't. Even the bits we cut off are beautiful - that's why we call them Posh Cuts!

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