About Harbour Salmon Co.

It's pretty simple really. What we don't know about salmon isn't worth knowing. We're not being big headed, that's just not our style. It's just that we know our stuff and we're proud of it. If you enjoy good food, you're in good company here.

Maybe you fancy a fantastic little fishy all prepped and ready for the pan? Then you should check out our range of fresh salmon portions. Or perhaps you'd prefer a platter of super scrummy smoked salmon? In that case our delicious Posh Cuts and Cocktail Slices are just the ticket to add some colour, flavour and healthy goodness to any meal.

Whatever your pleasure, you've come to the right place. Sit back, browse and enjoy. Just one word of warning...be prepared to salivate!

What some of our customers had to say about us...

"Your customer service is amazing, keep up the good work" Rachael R.

"Thank you for making my dinner a little bit more exciting" Debbie F.

"In a word - impressed" David G.

"I have been amazed and delighted by the wonderful treatment you have shown me" Ellen J.

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